CSG Bolsters Macao in the Fight of COVID-19;
Resumption of Work & Production

信息来源:CSG  发布时间2020-02-28

  Macao - Companhia de Electricidade de Macau - CEM, S.A. (CEM) was deeply challenged with unpaid electricity bills by its business and leisure customers and a delay of resumption of work during the COVID-19 outbreak.

  In the course of fighting the epidemic, China Southern Power Grid has taken multiple measures - together with CEM - to tackle these current challenges。

  Because of the epidemic, the electricity load in Macao actually decreased by 20%。 CEM assumed its corporate social responsibility by introducing favorable measures to its customers, including delays in charging electricity bills generated in January 2020 and ensuring power to customers who had been delinquent in payment。

  From the end of January, all post offices and banks in Macao have suspended most of their public services. As a result, customers were not able to get their electricity bills in time.

  However, stores and most business enterprises have now gradually resumed.

  Against this backdrop of arrears in electricity bill payments and enterprises' increasing demand for electricity, CEM requested the support of CSG International Co。 Ltd 。, for subsequent delays in electrical supply payments while continuing its rock-solid guarantee of providing power supplies to Macao。

  At this historic moment, China Southern Power Grid senior leadership gave battle to the coronavirus by fully supporting Macao in fully managing the ongoing epidemic crisis while placing staff back to work。

  CSG International Co. Ltd., accepted CEM's requirement of delay in its electric supply payment for the month of January and cooperated fully with its partner, Guangdong Power Grid Company, to guarantee power supplies to Macao.

  Taking these important steps, China Southern Power Grid has strengthened its operation and maintenance of power supply equipment, resolved any defects and managed voltage changes to ensure safe and reliable power supplies to Macao。

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